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[software]NetIdentD - http://projects.kenny.org.uk/netidentd
This is an ident server for your network. Once configured, it will receive ident requests coming in to your network and intelligently forward the request to the waiting computer. NetIdentD will serve your network no matter what size it is.
Keywords: NetIdentD; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; NetIdentD
Downloads: 30
[software]CellFighter - http://www.cellfighter.com/conway-life-screensaver.html
This screen saver is based on an innovative extension of the Game of Life--two rival swarms of tiny critters wage a non-stop war for the screen space.
Keywords: CellFighter; Themes; Miscellaneous; Abstract; CellFighter
Downloads: 40
[software]DraftSurvey Pro - http://www.galleyradio.com/downloads/draftsurvey
This is a draft survey calculation program for Merchant Navy officers and Marine surveyors. It complies with the latest UN ECE standards for draft surveying.
Keywords: DraftSurvey Pro; Business; Calculation; Miscellaneous calculators; DraftSurvey
Downloads: 157
[software]gcompris - http://www.ofset.org/gcompris
This program includes activities in the following topics: computer discovery, algebra, science, geography, games and reading.
Keywords: gcompris; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; gcompris
Downloads: 75
[software]LanHelper - http://www.hainsoft.com
This program scans your network and retrieves network information. You can boot, wakeup, shut down or lock your PCs, and make the remote computers run commands. You can capture screens or manage processes remotely. Refresh statuses to check on-line and off-line computers, and find the changed IPs or computer names. Supports XML for saving the scan results.
Keywords: LanHelper; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; Lan Helper
Downloads: 238
[software]SwitchPro - http://www.bd-computer.de/en_switchpro.php
This program lets you switch between network profiles with just one click. Save the complete network configuration without copying the values manually. The program offers support for unlimited network devices.
Keywords: SwitchPro; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; SwitchPro
Downloads: 42
[software]Hindsight - http://www.shedreamsindigital.net
This wallpaper is of a fractal image.
Keywords: Hindsight; Themes; Miscellaneous; Abstract; Hindsight fractal
Downloads: 21
[software]eDock Server - http://www.software602.com/products/edock/
This is a secure document server that provides fast and convenient access to your documents from anywhere, giving you more control over the way you publish, share and distribute your documents online. You can access eDock Server using a standard Web browser from your local network or from anywhere on the Internet. Gain full-text search capabilities, image thumbnail generation, HTML previews and user management...
Keywords: eDock Server; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; eDock Server
Downloads: 86
[software]LogLady - http://www.kaska.demon.co.uk
This system log server allows you to collect the syslog traffic on your network in a single place. It supports printers, routers, firewalls, Linux computers and Windows machines. You can filter, analyze and act on messages, and be e-mailed when a router identifies an issue. Some messages can trigger the execution of a program to deal with the situation.
Keywords: LogLady; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; LogLady
Downloads: 143
[software]PhotoShoot - http://www.PhotoShoot.info
This photography business package allows you to create bids for projects, and it includes a rental gear database, a contact manager, an invoice maker and a scheduler.
Keywords: PhotoShoot; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; PhotoShoot
Downloads: 46
[software]PetLinx - http://www.softwarerevolutions.co.nz
This program helps manage your pet grooming business. It keeps track of customers, pets, appointments, invoices and business contacts. The calendar screen allows you to manage your grooming workload.
Keywords: PetLinx; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; PetLinx
Downloads: 54
[software]BabyCharts - http://www.neware-inc.com/products/babycharts
This is an application for parents of infants and toddlers who want to ensure nothing is missed with the physical development of their baby.
Keywords: BabyCharts; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; BabyCharts
Downloads: 130
[software]Techscheduler (standard) - http://www.winutils.com
This allows users to schedule programs, batch files, command files and console commands. Define pre-job and post-job actions, set e-mail notifications for job completion and chain jobs together based on success or failure.
Keywords: Techscheduler (standard); Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; Techscheduler
Downloads: 109
[software]WetRO - http://www.kcesco.com
This engineering calculator can output to your screen and to your printer. It has tabulated input format and the output is tabulated in FDOT format. Circular and elliptical pipe is supported and it has a tabulated pipe input format. Rainfall Intensity by state and county, FDOT Rainfall Intensity Zones, or user input curves. It calculates hydraulic grade line, hydraulic gradient, pipe slope, velocities and capacities...
Keywords: WetRO; Business; Calculation; Miscellaneous calculators; WetROv2
Downloads: 121
[software]Hyena - http://www.systemtools.com
This is a centralized administrative tool for managing medium to large NT/2000/XP environments in mixed or native mode. This centralized administrative application includes extensive support for Active Directory components like organizational units, universal groups and flexible AD queries. The new Windows 2000 object class uses LDAP queries to Active Directory to display domain sub-objects like Containers, OUs, All Users, All Groups and Universal Groups objects...
Keywords: Hyena; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; hyena
Downloads: 62
[software]WordWeb - http://wordweb.info/
You can use this English dictionary and thesaurus to look up words from almost any program. Simply type in your word and press the search button; one frame displays the definition, another shows synonyms and other related words.
Keywords: WordWeb; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; WordWeb
Downloads: 775
[software]PINO 3 - http://www.pino.org/
This client and server chat system supports unregistered and registered logins where the nickname is password-protected. Registered users can add additional information to their profile such as e-mail address, homepage URL and a description about themselves. A user can join multiple rooms at once. The administrator can define static system rooms that are always open. Four levels of user rights are available, including ChatOPs users who can kick others out of chats and temporarily ban them...
Keywords: PINO 3; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; pino
Downloads: 67
[software]HomeTalk - http://www.ftpserverapi.com/HomeTalk
This program allows you to use your personal Internet account to host chat sessions on your home computer. These sessions can be available to the public or private to only those individuals that you allow. Sessions are started through the use of an ActiveX control, which must be stored on your Web site along with a page for access to your server. This Web page allows users to chat, and transfer files to and from the server, depending on their permission settings...
Keywords: HomeTalk; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; hometalk; home talk
Downloads: 38
[software]CruiseCalc - http://www.cruisecalc.com
This program calculates cord and board foot volume totals based on tallies collected in the field. It was developed with the assistance of foresters and was designed around methods that cruisers have been using for many years.
Keywords: CruiseCalc; Business; Calculation; Miscellaneous calculators; CruiseCalc
Downloads: 18
[software]Metanoia - http://www.aicusp.com/
This is a command center, search engine and thought organizer for workers in the social and administrative sciences. It provides visual represenations of classical and current peer-reviewed academic sources, facilitating the comparison, organization and presentation of knowledge. The application includes support for e-journal referencing. You can corroborate your discoveries with independent scholarly Web sites and fully referenced citations, and paste discoveries into your own writing project.
Keywords: Metanoia; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; Metanoia
Downloads: 35
[software]PLOUTAB - http://www.topcode.co.yu/ploutab/ploutab_e.php
This program calculates waste in the process of cutting wood, plywood and other materials. Features include the ability to save projects, real-time graphical views of calculations, preview and printing support for various paper sizes. The program calculates all possible layouts and scans them to minimize waste.
Keywords: PLOUTAB; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; PLOUTAB
Downloads: 177
[software]DOFMaster - http://www.dofmaster.com/
Use DOFMaster on the computer, or print depth-of-field scales for use in the field. Just set the focus distance, and read the near and far distances. It's as easy to use as the depth-of-field scales of old. Print a scale for any lens and any format, digital to 8x10. For a zoom lens, make a scale with as many as four focal lengths.
Keywords: DOFMaster; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; DOFMaster
Downloads: 231
[software]AutoAdministrator - http://www.netikus.net/products_autoadministrator.html
This program allows administrators to perform a number of configuration tasks on multiple machines, simultaneously. You can change passwords, roll out ODBC DSN names, control services, shut down and reboot servers, and set and read registry values.
Keywords: AutoAdministrator; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; AutoAdministrator
Downloads: 38
[software]BookIt - http://www.ozsoft.ca
This is room booking and resource scheduling software. The graphical interface displays bookings for multiple resources according to user-specified groupings. The repeat booking feature allows multiple bookings over several dates, times and resources, which can later be modified in whole or in part. You can send e-mail confirmations regarding individual or group bookings, using the built-in e-mail capabilities...
Keywords: BookIt; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; BookIt
Downloads: 40
[software]Hotline Server - http://www.hotspringsinc.com/
This is a chat messaging, file sharing and news related server. You can offer uploads and downloads to the users and give access to anyone. It allows you to set up rules, passwords and limitations. Note: To access your server, a user will need to download the Hotline Client.
Keywords: Hotline Server; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; hotline; server
Downloads: 158
[software]NetworkGazer - http://www.doubleupsoftware.com/NetworkGazer
This tool allows you to monitor and maintain your network through real-time glimpses of your current configuration. You can look up network shares on a computer and find out who has access and at what level. You can also access remote machine event logs and retrieve Internet histories.
Keywords: NetworkGazer; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; NetworkGazer
Downloads: 51
[software]TextReader - http://www.georgegabrielhara.org
This program allows you to read plain text files like books. The text is zoomed and reformatted, and character dialogs are highlighted. You can decide what visual modifications to apply on text, and you can bookmark files. Note: Some minor features will work on Windows98/NT4 only if you have Rich-edit 3 installed.
Keywords: TextReader; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; TextReader
Downloads: 48
[software]Raiden DNSD - http://www.raidendnsd.com/
This is a DNS Server for Windows. It allows you to keep connection statistics and control the Web interface remotely. Users can update their own IP records and optimize memory usage. Dynamic IP assignment and multiple languages are supported.
Keywords: Raiden DNSD; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; Raiden DNSD
Downloads: 31
[software]TCP-COM - http://www.taltech.com/products/tcpcom.html
With TCP-COM, you can turn a PC into a multi-port serial device server. Send or receive data over a TCP/IP port with any serial communications program. Open COM ports located on another computer in your network as if they were locally installed COM ports. Use your network or the Internet as a giant serial cable. Use TCP-COM to feed data from one physical RS232 port to multiple RS232 serial communications programs...
Keywords: TCP-COM; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; TCP-COM
Downloads: 272
[software]DipTrace - http://www.diptrace.com
This PCB Design system includes the a manual router and auto-router, a Schematic element that allows you to create schematics and export netlists to PCB, a pattern editor and a component editor. Multi-sheet design is supported. DipTrace provides support for a number of different manufacturing output formats. You can produce N/C Drill files for numerically controlled drilling machines and RS-274X Gerber files for sending to board manufacturers...
Keywords: DipTrace; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; DipTrace
Downloads: 167
[software]SalStat - http://salstat.sourceforge.net
This is an application for scientific or business statistical analysis. It can perform a range of tests from descriptive statistics, single factor tests, sample tests, and anova and nonparametric equivalents.
Keywords: SalStat; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; SalStat
Downloads: 111
[software]cpRepeater - http://www.worldwidewiley.com/3NMEA.shtml
This functions as a repeater and integration tool for all navigational data generated by your NMEA0183-compliant instruments including GPS, knot meters and wind instruments.
Keywords: cpRepeater; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; cpRepeater
Downloads: 202
[software]OddsPlus - http://www.oddsplus.com
This software handles fixed-odds betting. It is primarily designed for doubles, trebles and fourfolds. It generates high-profit coupons with advanced optimization techniques.
Keywords: OddsPlus; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; OddsPlus
Downloads: 95
[software]AnyCount - http://www.anycount.com
This program produces automatic word counts and counts in other units including spaces, characters without spaces, lines, pages and custom units. All common file formats are supported.
Keywords: AnyCount; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; Any Count
Downloads: 83
[software]Trailgauge - http://www.trailgauge.co.uk
This is a GPS-mapping package for planning and measuring your hiking, biking or running routes. It automatically downloads USGS Quads and aerial photographs and can also use map images from other Internet map sites, scanned paper maps, or can even generate your own topo maps from SRTM height data. The program overlays height data to give you full 3D mapping functions including real-time rendering and fly-throughs...
Keywords: Trailgauge; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; Trail gauge
Downloads: 268
[software]eSTOP - http://www.nwpsw.com/estopmain.html
This security product views and stops problem TCP connections. It displays in real-time any TCP connection in or out of your computer. You can instantly stop that connection by double clicking on the connection in the list or by pressing one of the three large red buttons on the main window. It now supports logging and blocking by port, IP address, hostname or domain name. Note: This program is not a firewall...
Keywords: eSTOP; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; estop; e stop
Downloads: 28
[software]Dental clinic software - http://www.codegroup.co.yu/dental/
This is a complete software suite for use in dental clinics. It supports appointment scheduling, billing management, profit reporting and a detailed patient database.
Keywords: Dental clinic software; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; Dental clinic
Downloads: 379
[software]Attendant Manager - http://www.disabilitysoft.com/attendantmanager/
The program handles all aspects of attendant care for disabled people. The program includes job descriptions, job applications, fliers, interview forms, needs assessment worksheets, training manuals, checklists, daily instructions, monthly schedules, time sheets, payroll check stubs with itemized deductions, configurable taxes, financial statements and performance evaluations.
Keywords: Attendant Manager; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; Attendant Manager
Downloads: 28
[software]HAL - http://www.davidhenryco.com
This is an Artificial Intelligence Limited program. It can speak in a normal voice and respond to over 45 voice commands from the user. HAL can perform many common computer tasks, display PC system information and read any text for the user. HAL can also start an e-mail message, create a reminder and access the Web. It also has A.I.L. help for all areas of the program. It includes the HAL Speech Recognition Package, MS Media Player interface and Daily Reminder.
Keywords: HAL; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; HAL
Downloads: 198
[software]123Pet - http://123petsoftware.com
This program enables you to manage clients, appointments, products, services and payroll. The program provides all the functions needed to run a pet salon or mobile grooming business. Appointment, product, client, and inventory tracking are available, as well as online appointment booking, credit card processing and a complete line of hardware.
Keywords: 123Pet; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; 123Pet
Downloads: 132
[software]DraftSurvey .NET - http://www.draftsurvey.net
This is a draft survey calculation program for Ships' Officers and Marine Surveyors. DraftSurvey.NET is operated using either keyboard or mouse. It complies with the latest UN ECE standards for draft surveying and can print reports.
Keywords: DraftSurvey .NET; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; DraftSurvey .NET
Downloads: 150
[software]TrackNShare Client - http://www.memetex.net
This client and server suite allows you to track processes and share content, within teams, across the Internet. The program features a control panel for business interactions, especially with people outside your organization who do not have your software infrastructure. The program also provides a spam blocker, and allows you to organize and monitor messages and other content in a real time view. All data is stored in a relational database for later use...
Keywords: TrackNShare Client; Internet; Network administration; Miscellaneous; TrackNShare Client
Downloads: 67
[software]Earth Explorer - http://www.motherplanet.net
This program integrates high resolution satellite imagery and map information together to provide a 3D view of planet earth. Besides the vector map layers such as political boundaries, coastlines, islands, lakes and latitude-longitude grids, Earth Explorer also provides four types of point maps including 267 countries and regions, 40,000 ranked cities, 15,000 islands and 1,700 noteworthy historical earthquakes since 1980, and detailed tips information...
Keywords: Earth Explorer; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; earth explorer; earthexplorer
Downloads: 213
[software]Deskroller Screensaver - http://www.whimsoft.com/deskroller.htm
This screen saver scrolls your desktop in random directions.
Keywords: Deskroller Screensaver; Themes; Miscellaneous; General; Desk roller Screen saver
Downloads: 87
[software]Parenting Assist - http://www.parentingsoft.com/passist.html
This program provides Guides, Skills and Records for promoting parenting skills and baby's development. The Guides include development, parenting, feeding, health, safety, play and learning, and immunization tips for baby every month. The Skills help parents create a Baby Book. The Records help them keep track of baby's information such as routine, immunizations and illness history, and monitor the baby's growth with the Growth Chart...
Keywords: Parenting Assist; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; Parenting Assist
Downloads: 55
[software]AudioSphere - http://www.svet-soft.com/audio.html
AudioSphere allows you to control volume, balance, treble and base on your audio player. Additional features include color customization, pre-sets and the ability to save the position on the screen automatically.
Keywords: AudioSphere; Multimedia; Audio; Volume control; AudioSphere; Miscellaneous Audio; Audio
Downloads: 92
[software]Surpass Copycat - http://www.SurpassSoftware.com
This copy cataloging client uses the MARC record standard to search any library with a public z39.50 server, including the US Library of Congress, major university libraries and public libraries worldwide. It comes pre-configured with connection settings for hundreds of libraries. You can also scan the EAN barcode from the back of a book for automatic ISBN searching. The batch-mode multi-search allows loading of ISBN, or author and title list for automatic-recon on the whole list.
Keywords: Surpass Copycat; Business; Management; Vertical markets - miscellaneous; surpass copycat; surpasscopycat
Downloads: 89
[software]PentaSuite - http://www.pentaware.com
This program allows you to manage and deploy files within any Windows environment. PentaSuite offers file viewing, file conversion, CD burning, FTP file transfers including SSL, file encryption and file compression.
Keywords: PentaSuite; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; PentaSuite
Downloads: 20
[software]GetDiz - http://www.outertech.com
This is a text-viewer especially designed for DIZ and NFO files included in ZIP archives. ASCII art is displayed correctly. The program supports printing.
Keywords: GetDiz; System and utilities; General tools; Miscellaneous utilities; GetDiz
Downloads: 43
[software]FLAreaCodeLookup Pro - http://forwardloop.netfirms.com
This program provides an easy way to list the area codes associated with a city or list the cities within an area code. The database contains the area codes for more than 24,000 U.S. cities and about 60 non-U.S. cites. It also includes non-geographic area codes. The registered version also provides an interactive map and time zone information.
Keywords: FLAreaCodeLookup Pro; Business; Education and reference; Miscellaneous; FLAreaCodeLookup Pro
Downloads: 35
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